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Rescue 1122 Jobs 2024-Latest Version Online Apply

Rescue 1122 Jobs 2024 – It is to declare application is currently open to go after the most recent positions in Salvage 1122. The association has as of late reported different situations through its most recent promotion. Competitors searching for open positions in Rescue 1122 are urged to go through this post and apply.

The most recent situations in Rescue 1122 most recent positions are declared for the BPS 11-15 applicants searching for the public authority work and should not botch this open door. Candiadtes holding a Punjab house are welcome to send applications for the most recent positions.

The positions are declared for the Crisis Official, Crisis Clinical Specialist, Software engineer, Programming designer, Drug specialist, Senior Educator arranging, and Photographic artist/Cameraman. Rescue 1122 has declared a complete no of 492 situations for the 21 locale of Punjab.

Detail of Rescue 1122 Jobs 2024

Rescue 1122 Jobs 2024 are now open and you can apply online. Rescue 1122 is a world renowned rescue service that helps save lives and property during emergencies. Rescue 1122 has its headquarters in Lahore, Pakistan and provides rescue services in all 36 districts of Punjab province.Rescue 1122 Jobs 2024 provides emergency medical services, Search and Rescue operations, Fire fighting services and disaster management. If you want to join Rescue 1122 and serve your country then this is the best opportunity for you. Apply now and become a part of Rescue 1122.

Today in this post, we will discuss all the details regarding the latest Rescue 1122 Jobs 2024. If you are interested in these positions, we encourage candidates to go through this post and apply. Do you know National Logistics Cell also announce multiple positions through its latest advertisement? If you are interested, you may apply here: National Logistics Cell Jobs 2024

Rescue 1122 Jobs 2024
Organization Name        Rescue 1122
Published Date26-02-2024
Last Date24-03-2024
Job Category     GOVT  
Job Nature         Full Time
Job Location      Overall Pakistan
Salary   30,000 to 90,000

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Rescue 1122 Jobs 2024 Vacancies List

  1. Wireless Technician
  2. Office Assistant Computer
  3. Maintenance Inspector Account
  4. Electrical Technician
  5. Assistant
  6. Station House InCharge
  7. Emergency Medical
  8. Operator Transport
  9. Lead Fire Rescuer
  10. Control Room InCharge
  11. Shift InCharge
  12. Technician
  13. Fire Rescuer

Rescue 1122 Jobs 2024 Eligibility Criteria

Gender Required:Only Males are eligible
Skills Required:Medical, Technical
Age limit:Minimum age: 20 Years
Maximum age: 28 Years (EST.)
Education Required:Matric / Intermediate / ICS / DAE / FSc / D.Com / BSCN / BSC / BBA / B.Com / B.Tech
Experience Required:Minimum: 01 Year (EST.)
Maximum: 03 Years (EST.)

About Rescue 1122 Jobs 2024

Rescue 1122 is a service that helps people in emergencies in Pakistan. You can call 1122 from any phone to get help from Rescue 1122. They can send an ambulance, a fire truck, a rescue team, or a water boat to save you. They can also help animals and buildings that are in danger. Rescue 1122 was started in 2006 by the Punjab government. Now it works in all provinces of Pakistan.

The director of Rescue 1122 is Dr Rizwan Naseer. He trains many people to work for Rescue 1122. They are very fast and professional. They have saved millions of lives and properties. They also teach people how to be safe and prevent accidents.

Contact Detail Of Rescue 1122 Jobs 2024

Phone No.         1122
Address   Rescue1122 Headquarters Main Ferozpur Road. Lahore-54000, Pakistan

Salary and Benefit Of Rescue 1122 Jobs 2024

  1. Permanent Place
  2. Chances of Promotion
  3. Education Initiative
  4. life and health insurance coverage
  5. Program for career development
  6. Housing stipends
  7. Age-Related Plans

More Benefits

  • Saving Lives: Working with Rescue 1122 gives individuals the opportunity to directly contribute to saving lives. This noble profession allows employees to make a meaningful impact on the community by responding to emergencies and providing immediate assistance.
  • Sense of Purpose:Rescue 1122 Jobs 2024 provide a strong sense of purpose as employees work towards the common goal of ensuring public safety and well-being. This sense of purpose can lead to job satisfaction and a fulfilling career.
  • Professional Growth: Rescue 1122 offers opportunities for professional growth and development. Employees often undergo rigorous training programs, acquiring valuable skills in emergency response, medical aid, and crisis management, enhancing their overall skill set.
  • Diverse Work Environment: Working with Rescue 1122 exposes individuals to a diverse work environment where they interact with people from various backgrounds. This diversity fosters understanding, tolerance, and teamwork.
  • Team Collaboration: Rescue operations require effective teamwork. Working in a rescue organization encourages employees to collaborate closely with colleagues, fostering strong team dynamics and camaraderie.
  • Community Engagement: Rescue 1122 Jobs 2024 jobs involve active engagement with the community. Employees become community heroes, earning respect and gratitude from the people they serve. This sense of community connection can be highly rewarding.
  • Rapid Response Training: Employees receive specialized training in rapid response techniques, which not only enhances their professional competence but also instills a sense of confidence in handling emergency situations efficiently.
  • Health and Well-being Focus: Rescue 1122 often places importance on the health and well-being of its employees. This includes access to health and wellness programs, as well as resources for managing the physical and mental challenges associated with the job.
  • Job Stability: The demand for emergency response services remains constant, providing job stability for individuals working in Rescue 1122. This stability can be reassuring for those seeking long-term career prospects.
  • Opportunities for Advancement: Employees can explore various career paths within Rescue 1122, ranging from frontline emergency response roles to managerial positions. The organization often promotes from within, providing opportunities for career advancement

Required Documents:

Documents needed for applying:

  1. Application Form
  2. A resume
  3. A copy of your CNIC
  4. A copy of your Matriculation
  5. Intermediate Certificate (2nd Division)
  6. Fitness health certificate
  7. A copy of your driver’s license

How to Apply for Rescue 1122 Jobs 2024?

To apply for Rescue 1122 jobs 2024 online, follow these simple steps.

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the “Jobs” tab
  3. Select the job category you are interested in
  4. Read the job description and eligibility criteria carefully
  5. Click the button “Apply Online” to proceed
  6. Fill out the application form with your personal and professional details
  7. Upload your CV and supporting documents
  8. Submit your application

Once your application is submitted, it will be reviewed by the Rescue 1122 recruitment team. If the candidates meet the eligibility criteria and are graded, you will be contacted for further assessment and interviews.To stay updated on Rescue 1122 job openings in 2024, keep an eye out for the official job advertisement. The advertisement will be published in major newspapers and on the official website. The advertisement will provide detailed information on the job openings, eligibility criteria, and application process.

General FAQs:

How do I get a job in 1122?

To get a job in 1122 you can visit their official website or check job advertisements in newspapers or online job portals.

What is the skill test in Rescue 1122 Jobs 2024?

In Rescue 1122 the skill test is an evaluation process that is carried out to assess the practical abilities and skills of candidates applying for specific positions.

How we can apply for Rescue 1122 Jobs 2024?

To join Rescue 1122 visit their official website and look for the “Career” or “Join Us” section. Find the application form fill it out with accurate details and submit it online. Keep an eye on the website for updates on recruitment processes.

How do I join Rescue 1122 Jobs 2024?

To join Rescue 1122 Jobs 2024 you need to: Apply online when the posts are advertised in newspapers. Pass the written, physical, skill and psychological tests. Clear the interviews by the Recruitment Committee.

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